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Have you addressed any issues with the backup button? Just recently, when I do backups, the button is disabled and it won't let me do it.

Logan Mueller

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Yes. Smile

It's mentioned in the known bugs area, because if you attempt to backup booklets from an "Other Storage" folder ("other", meaning: not the home booklet storage) then Pocket Diary gets confused.

There are some other conditions which Pocket Diary will disable the backup button. They are listed on that page.

Most people who have had this problem usually are trying backup to a network drive using a UNC path. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. With Pocket Diary v1.3, the drive must be mapped and the drive letter must be used instead of the UNC path. (Use "S:\MyFolder" instead of "\\Server1\\MyFolder")

Just so you know, future versions will not disable the button anymore. Instead, it'll display a useful error message. (Yeah I should have done that in the first place) Cool

Thanks for your question. Kind regards,

Pocket Diary Author

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Backup button
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