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necessary application to download to PDA?

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I'm getting this message on my PalmOne Quick Install when I try to HotSynch the PocketDiary file to my handheld: There is no application on the organizer to handle this file (0x0445); file What application software do I need to make this compatible? I have a Zire 72 PDA. I've paid for the PocketDiary software, so it'd be nice to be able to use it. Otherwise, I want a refund. Thanks in advance.
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Make sure you have the pdiary.prc file installed on your handheld. This can be installed using the AppInst.exe application in the HotSync directory. Most likely your Zire probably includes third-party software (through HotSync) to make this task easier. After pdiary.prc is installed on the handheld, this problem should go away.

Pocket Diary is Shareware. Therefore you have the advantage of trying the software before buying it. This gives you the opportunity to see if the application does what you want before paying anything. Software refunds are a bit difficult to honor, because there is nothing for your to send back in exchange for your money. Furthermore, the price is merely $15. But if you really want your money back, I'll see what I can do..

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necessary application to download to PDA?
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