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Can't find Pocket Diary in HotSync

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I have already installed Pocket Diary onto my Zire 21, but I can't find it anywhere in the HotSync conduit configuration dialog, nor can I upload my entries from my Palm to my laptop. What is the problem? Thanks for your help.
Logan Mueller

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Hello Shiya,

There are a couple of causes for this. My first guess is that the "Typical" version of Pocket Diary was installed. If you want the PDA (PalmOS) utilities installed on your computer, you must explicity select "Everything" or do a "Custom Install" and select the PDA package separately. To fix this problem, rerun the Pocket Diary installation program (setup) and when it gets to the "Installation Type" page, select "Everything".

Another cause for this problem is if you installed HotSync after installing Pocket Diary. In which case, use the above solution to solve this problem as well.

If the HotSync conduit for Pocket Diary still fails to show up, it can also be because 3rd party PalmOS vendors have re-engineered HotSync in such a way that it is no longer compatible with standard HotSync conduits. This would be a problem for your handheld manufacturer, as they are supposed to follow a standard. If this is the case, you can probably find a newer version of HotSync for your handheld that would allow you to fix this problem.

Let me know if this resolves your issue or if you need further help. Thanks for your message.

Kind regards,
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Can't find Pocket Diary in HotSync
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