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WARNING: Uninstalling Gizmo Drive deleted personal data!
Keili Olsen

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Whilst doing some "comparative shopping" with various free tools to manage disc images, I made the mistake of uninstalling Gizmo Drive (and master) whilst leaving one of the .iso files in the gizmo "Images" folder of My Documents.

Contrary to expectations, this folder was silently removed during the uninstallation. This existed in "My Documents" and should never have been touched on uninstall, I attempted recovery immediately, but the file which was previously about 4gb had been truncated to ~10bytes.

This is not ideal Smile

Thankfully the drive I'd imaged isn't completely dead and will likely survive another duplication, but had this been even remotely important I would likely be crying right now.

I suggest that this behaviour either be modified to at least check with the user, or ideally be rewritten to comply with standard practise.
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WARNING: Uninstalling Gizmo Drive deleted personal data!
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