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After reading ISO have to reboot to burn it
Steve Bondy

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I've been using Gizmo Central for all my CD/DVD burning and image creation for over a year now on Windows 7 32-bit.

I always have this issue when I want to copy a disk and keep an image of it. I use Gizmo to create an ISO image, then try to burn the image and Gizmo says there are no recordable devices found.

If I reboot, then try and burn the image it's fine. It's like Gizmo forgets to release the drive or something. When I put the blank disc in I always wait for the Windows pop-up asking what I want to do, cancel it, then go to the image file in explorer, right-click it and select burn-image. The Gizmo screen opens, but says "no recordable devices".

Any ideas? A fix for this would make the product perfect in my eyes. Smile

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After reading ISO have to reboot to burn it
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