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initial installation 2.7.9 failed on windows seven
eddy beliveau

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I'm installing, for the first time, Gizmo 2.7.9 on Win7-sp1 on a new DELL-XPS
Modules selected were central+drive.

During installation, it said:
Gizmo Director- Installing
- Making sure Gizmo is closed
- Waiting for environment to settle
- Creating program directory ... OK
- Extracting Gizmo Central....... OK
- Extracting Gizmo Drive.......... OK
- Installing gvillage.dll
- Installing gimage.dll
- Registering COM object qshell.dll

On 'Installing' header, there is a moving bar (which indicate that it is still working)
Nothing else, it just stay there since the last hour!

Is this normal ?
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initial installation 2.7.9 failed on windows seven
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