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GizmoDrive VHD:"You don't have permission to open this
Frank Cheeseman

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My boss Michael has an external HD used to back up his Thinkpad (X201, W7 Pro). Since this machine needs work, I had told him he could simply use Gizmo to access the backup on said HD with his old laptop (HP DV2, W7 Pro) while the Thinkpad was away. When trying to mount the VHD from ImageBackup on external HD (LaCie Minimus), I am told "you don't have permission" and advised to talk to an administrator.

1) Michael's user acct. is an administrator, and as such IS one of the owners of the VHD file (it's owners are specifically his NW user ID and any administrator account of the local machine - any way he logs in he is one of those)

2)I've manually and by registry hack reassigned ownership of the VHD & folder tree all the way down (GizmoDrive actually prompted me to do so with the folders, but not the base .VHD file), with no effect.

3)Ownership SEEMS to be a red herring, as I've taken the same drive and successfully mounted the virtual drive in question MY OWN machine (Dell Optiplex 745, W7 Pro) with no problems at all.

What might prevent Gizmo Drive from mounting a VHD on an external drive and THINK there is a permission error involved?
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GizmoDrive VHD:"You don't have permission to open this
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