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CD still required?
Joe Hardy

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First, I am admittedly a newbie, so please keep that in mind Very Happy I struggled with how to even create and mount my first ISO using Gizmo. I looked for a basic instruction on how to do that, but couldn't find one. In any event...

I am trying to get the game Civ III Complete to run on my hard drive without having to use the CD. I previously installed the game using the 3 CDs. I played it yesterday using CD 1 just fine.

I created an image of CD 1 and mounted it with the default Device 1, drive I:. In Windows Explorer the ISO looks just like it does on the CD. When I use Autorun or open the program, the Civ III screen with the options to play, uninstall, or exit. So far, so good. When I click on play, I get the Windows' "Do you want to make changes to your hard drive?" prompt. When I click yes, I then get an error message "No disc inserted. Please insert original Civ 3 Complete CD/DVD".

There are two other CDs that come with the game, but I don't use them when playing, so I'm not sure if I need to mount those too?

Any help would be appreciated.

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CD still required?
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