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Gizmo Drive DVD-RAM and Write support?
matthew sheeran

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I was wondering about DVD-RAM and Write support in Gizmo Drive.
DVD-RAM is a native Read+Write format (although I guess one could also mount and use it as Read-Only).

The desire is to have my TrueCrypt-ed private files mounted automatically across boots as a R+W DVD-RAM disc via Gizmo Drive provided Gizmo supports this and is reliable (it is probably less easy to fix a corrupted TrueCrypt system/device partition than a regular one!). My private stuff will always be under the 4.7GB or so.

Reason is that TrueCrypt will automatically scan attached devices/partitions and prompt for your password saving a couple of mouse clicks as I loading my private files...

(FYI: I am not interested in any encryption system for which i do not know the precise details, or are not open-source, or store in a location other than the one I have chosen to place my excrypted partition file which unfortunately rules out Gizmo's alternative to EFS for me anway.)

Regards and thanks for the great program: Gizmo Central is a must have for me as it is great to have Open with Text or Hex plus Calculate Hashes along with Virtual Drives always at the ready!
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Gizmo Drive DVD-RAM and Write support?
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