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Paid the money, still trial version

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I paid fee to upgrade from trial version but the registration process didn't work. Have sent emails to support but no response. Suggestions??
Logan Mueller

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Hello Frank,

I'm usually pretty good with the e-mail. (Though a bit slower than usual) Your message may have gotten mixed up from the domain change. (We recently moved everything over to I apologize for any inconvenience if your message was missed!

The question you've asked is not uncommon. The solution though is simple. Please make sure the license code is entered *EXACTLY* as it was presented in the e-mail sent to your address. Another common mistake is that people often change the "Owner" name, thinking it does not have to match. But the name must also be entered *EXACTLY* as it is presented from the e-mail. The serial number is tied to the name you used to license your copy of the program.

After using the licensing utility, the program will always say "information successfully entered into registry." This does not necessarily mean that everything was typed in correctly. If the program still shows as being "unlicensed," it most likely means something was accidentally mistyped.

Other considerations: Sometimes 1's are mixed up for l's, because they look alike. Sometimes an extra space is accidentally thrown in. Perhaps a leading/trailing space before or after the name. An extra period. Missing period? etc.

There have been some VERY rare cases where the license code in your e-mail is blank. If you have a blank license code in your e-mail, please contact me via e-mail and I will have your license code resent immediately.

If the above information still does not help, please feel free to e-mail me by using the e-mail form in the support area. Thanks for your patience, Frank.

Kind regards,
Pocket Diary Author

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Paid the money, still trial version
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