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Help mounting an ISO with two CD's (game) and no tutorial...
Susanna Skinner

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Hi there,

Two questions for you.

1) I have a game that consisted of two CD's, which I turned into ISO's. I am trying to now mount them onto my machine and it won't work (mounts the first CD perfectly). It tells me to insert the 2nd CD and when I try to mount that one from a different drive it pops up with a box saying I need to insert the 1st CD first. Then if I try to mount the second ISO on the same drive after unmounting the 1st it does the same thing as above. Pop up box saying I need to insert/install the 1st CD. Do I need to merge the two .bin files together? I have never done this before. Which brings me to my next question.

2) I searched all over your forum, and saw the post from 2009 where you stated there was a tutorial in the software itself and that you were working on getting it online. I cannot find a tutorial anywhere either on Gizmo itself or in the folder. When I click on tutorial while Gizmo is running, it directs me to the forum. It has been two years exactly since that original post was made in your forum and there is still no tutorial. Any chance we could get one, or someone could just be kind enough to tell me how to install these two CD's onto my computer by mounting them?

Thank you SO much!!

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Help mounting an ISO with two CD's (game) and no tutorial...
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