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Uploading booklets to Palm
C Shaw

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I gather from the posts to this message list that there isn't anyway to upload my PC created booklets to the Palm (even only the text format). Is this correct?? I don't use any graphics so I would still like to keep a copy of my booklets on my Palm to reference while I am away from my computer.

Thanks. I have been very happy with the program so far!!
Logan Mueller

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Unfortunately, this is correct. This is mentioned in the help file and in the PDA document, but it appears people have gotten the impression that the PalmOS version syncs both ways, when in fact it only uploads to the PC version.

Part of the reason for this is because of the difficulty in syncing styles. Second major problem is memory constraints and managing multiple booklets. But the PocketPC version handles two way sync'ing, and with the larger PalmOS PDA's, I'm hoping to provide two way sycning for these handhelds, as well.

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Uploading booklets to Palm
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