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newbie: hyperlink insert?

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Is there a way to insert hyperlink in my notes?

Also, in the 'Show contents' window, can I set the date to long format, so I can see the time in addition to the day/date?

-thanks in advance!
Re: newbie: hyperlink insert?
KW Yau

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"...Is there a way to insert hyperlink in my notes?"

I also hope the author can add this functionality in the next release as
this is a feature often needed in this internet era.

Besides, I would like the program to support unicode or double-byte characters (e.g. Chinese).
Logan Mueller

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Hyperlink support will be added in v2.0. Pocket Diary v1.3 uses an internal Windows control that's incapable of doing hyperlinking. Programmatically, there is a work-around for this, but it would require disabling the check-as-you-type spelling feature--which would be bad. Smile

In v2.0, the editor will be home brewed which means the editor will be able to do much more than the current editor, including hyperlinks.

To answer your second question: yes, you can change the date/time format under "Options" > "Appearance" tab. Use the variables to create your own date/time displays. (See help file for detailed instructions)

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newbie: hyperlink insert?
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