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Change items at runtime!
Nate Peterson

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So I've been looking at Gizmo Script and wondering if there's a way to change items at runtime. For instance I wanna check the status of some value inside an XML file on a network location.. somewhere. Based on this status, I wanna change a toolbar item image (or even just its text) to reflect the status. There is a File class, but does it parse XML? And a Toolbar class. But can it actually change the appearance of my toolbar? If not, that would be awesome!!!
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Logan Mueller

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Hi Nate,

What you are asking for is not possible in the current version, but I completely agree -- this sort of functionality would be useful. The File class will only read text files. It does not do any parsing whatsoever. XML for Gizmo Script (perhaps XPath) may be simple to add, as well as the ability to manipulate toolbar items at runtime.

Changing the images, visibility, and text of toolbar items, all sounds great. There are some major plans slated for Gizmo Script, especially improving the documentation for it, but this won't happen until Gizmo Toolbar has had its overhaul. This will definitely be considered. Thank you for your interest!

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Change items at runtime!
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