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Documentation for Gizmo Drive command line?
Bill Cernansky

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I'm not having any luck finding the instructions for mounting ISOs from the command line. I really need to be able to script the mounting of ISOs, including the drive letter.

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Logan Mueller

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Hi Bill,

The latest release allows this, without UI interaction:

gizmo.exe /Mount:"{image-file}|{drive-letter}|{post-mount-action}|{is-read-only}|{volume-index}|{password}"


gizmo.exe /Mount:"extracted cd.iso|G"
gizmo.exe /Mount:"extracted cd.iso|auto"
gizmo.exe /Mount:"another image.iso|H|explorer"
gizmo.exe /Mount:"virtual drive.gdrive|J|do-nothing|false|0|abcpassword"

Acceptable values for {post-mount-action} are: do-nothing, explorer, autoplay-or-explorer, and autoplay. Passing in auto for {drive-letter} causes the next available letter to be picked. If only the image file is specified, then the UI is displayed, for backwards compatibility.

Unmounting is done with the drive letter.

gizmo.exe /Unmount:"{drive-letter}"


gizmo.exe /Unmount:"G"
gizmo.exe /Unmount:"H"
gizmo.exe /Unmount:"J"

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Documentation for Gizmo Drive command line?
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