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Start Menu Replacement
Jason Schrader

Joined: 05 Mar 2008
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Before I begin, I really want to say this is an EXCELLENT lightweight application. I work in IT and having to deal with cumbersome, poorly-written apps has always caused problems for me, so I'm really thankful for this product.

That being said, I envisioned this software as a replacement for my start menu. It's close, but there are a few features I would love to see:

1) A menu that can tell you programs currently running

2) If not 1, then when you click on a menu item, it should check for a running version first and bring it to the foreground. I have a few apps that launch on top of each other, causing multiple instances.

3) An option to hide the start menu (I've searched up and down on the internet, I can't find the registry settings, but I've seen other desktop managing softwares do it so I'm sure there is a way)

Oh, and I found one bug while adding shortcuts, it looks like the default programs directory is "C:\Program Files" instead of "C:\Program Files\", causing it to open into the C: and display "Program Files" in the Open dialog. Not a big thing, but definitely hard to catch inside the code!

Other than that, congrats on a great program!
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Logan Mueller

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Hi Jason,

Thank you for the nice feedback on Gizmo! I'm glad to hear that the program has been useful to you! Your ideas are great, however, Gizmo was intended more for augmenting the Start Menu as opposed to replacing it. (Technical reasons, grumble, grumble) We will certainly look to incorporating some of the ideas you mentioned here though. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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Start Menu Replacement
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