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Vista bluescreen after clicking Unmount in Gizmo Drive
John Hicks

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I am running Vista Business and had a fresh installation of Gizmo Drive when i mounted an ISO of Office 12 downloaded from Microsoft MSDN. The ability to mount ISO's downloaded from MSDN were the reason I downloaded Gizmo in the first place.

Once I mounted the ISO and assigned it a drive letter of D: I opened the virtual drive and double clicked on Setup.exe in the root but it would not run. An error message came up saying it could not find D:\Setup.exe. I double and triple checked the drive letter, making sure I was on D: and running setup.exe from the root. It would opened the readme file in the root but not the exe. I also could see all the folders but didn't attempt to navigate or copy anything off the (virtual) CD.

I then clicked on Unmount and I immediately received a blue screen, my first Vista blue screen. The error message went away after just a few seconds and I didn't write it down. It was something like "BAD something CALL"

So, this is really two problems. The first was the inability to open the Setup.exe which was looking for D:\Setup.exe, which was the virtual drive letter and location the ISO was using. The second (and more severe) problem is the blue screen.

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Logan Mueller

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Hi John,

It sounds like you have an older version. You may want to try downloading and installing the latest version from this web site.

The first problem you mentioned, with respect to SETUP.EXE, was actually an issue with some virus scanners not being able to locate executable files inside mounted ISO images. This was caused from an added security precaution in Vista. A solution was implemented a few months ago, and is in the latest version.

With respect to the "blue screen". I could never reproduce this on any of my machines, but someone else in the forums had this problem. According to him, the problem went away when I made the other fix. And so I'm thinking it was also somehow related to the way 'mounted images' interact with virus scanners.

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Vista bluescreen after clicking Unmount in Gizmo Drive
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