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unmounting iso
Andrew Retzlaff

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in the version 2.0 every time I try to unmount windows vista crash, now on the version 2.5 is every 2nd or 3rd time that I unmount when it crash.... any ideas why?
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Logan Mueller

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Hi Andrew,

A lot of issues like these seem to be related to some virus scanners. If it's free for you, try updating your virus scanner 'engine' to its latest version, or *temporarily* disabling the 'on demand' capabilities before unmounting an image -- just to see if it solves the problem.

1. Can you tell me what type of image you are unmounting? ISO, BIN, NRG, GDRIVE, ...

2. When exactly does it crash? e.g. After the Vista UAC "administrative privileges" prompt? Or are you running Gizmo as an Administrator up front? (If you are not, then maybe you want to try doing that too, to see if that helps)

3. When you say that Vista is crashing, does this mean that you are seeing the blue screen? If so, please tell me which module it is crashing in. It will say near the top, e.g. does it show "GIZMODRV.SYS", or something else?

4. What is the name of the virus scanner that you are using?

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unmounting iso
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