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Hi, Logan,

I just downloaded Pocket Diary, tested it, and really like it. I made a decision to use it after having evaluated about eight other "big and feature-rich" journaling products. Pocket Diary beats them all in the areas as you described on your site.

A good product indedd!

Here are some of my questions:

1. The PDA issue - It behaves exactly on my Palm m505 (with Palm OS 4.0) as it has reported on your bug database. Not a big deal for me, but it would be nice if you can list on which version of Palm this problem exists, so when I recommend to friends, I can give them a forewarning.

2. Open Source - Have ever thought about to make this product a Open Source project so other people can pitch in?

3. The "Delete" key - when hit "delete" key as I was writing, it attempted to delete an entry (rather than deleting the characters after the cursor). This behavior is somewhat counter-intuitive to me because it's so different from the most word processing tools I have seen.
Any idea?

4. Export to MDB - Pocket Diary simply crashes when I tried yesterday. I did the test on a XP PC with 2002 with password protected booklet.

Delete button, etc
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