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Remote Launch
Steven Young

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Yes, we are on the same page! I would like to be able to launch a program on PC2 from PC1, using a Gizmo Toolbar button Runner (as well as doing it vice versa, using the Toolbar button from PC2 to launch a program on PC1)! Exactly! Wink Very Happy
Do you have any idea how long it will be before the next version will be out with this and the additional features mentioned in your announcement?
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Logan Mueller

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Hi Steven,

Right now it looks like the next release will be out next week! It'll have each of the features mentioned in the announcement.

The feature we've discussed in this thread won't be in the next release. Sad I want to use it, too, though. Smile The current implementation needs to be changed to work with the current code set, and I rather have it work the way you've described (or close to it) So that'll actually take quite a bit of time. Confused Too soon to say actually, but I think the concept is really good and it should be awesome once it is done!

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