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Vista x64 crash
Oscar apellido

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Windows Vista x64 crashes when I drag an drop icons over the toolbar or over the options window, and I need to close the session because the mouse don't responds at all.

Short time after install it for the fist time I lost my internet conectivity (the devices manager "lost" the card driver and was unable to find a new one). I needed to restore the system to fix this. (I installed it again and this didn't occurred anymore).
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Logan Mueller

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Hi Oscar,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, but I don't believe that Gizmo is responsible for the loss of the network connectivity, since the application does not utilize any network sockets during the install, nor when the application is first launched. Gizmo will attempt a network connection only when you check for updates or use the database/synchornization tools.

There are some other people in this forum who have reported that Gizmo will actually work with Windows Vista 64-bit editions, except the only feature which does not work is Gizmo Drive, because it has a 32-bit device driver.

Gizmo is a 32-bit application itself, and even though the 64-bit edition of Vista is backwards compatible with 32-bit applications, most 32-bit programs have not actually been tested on that flavor of Windows, including Gizmo. As soon as we can get the resources to do this, we will be sure to pay close attention to that part of the application.

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Vista x64 crash
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