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I have some suggestions for it
Bryan Kirk

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1. Add an option to have it automatically start up without displaying the Gizmo Toolbar.

2. Get rid of all of the licensing text and dialogs (since its now freeware).
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Logan Mueller

Joined: 16 Nov 2003
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Hi Bryan,

Nice to have a seasoned forum poster in the neighborhood.

1. You can actually achieve this by passing /NoShow as a command-line option. Change your Windows shortcut to include this at the end of its Target value. I'll look into making this option system-wide in a future release.

I haven't gotten to documenting the command-line options. If you or anyone else is interested, here are some more. This list is not exhaustive.

Command-line options:

/NoSplash - Prevents splash screen from showing
/NoShow - Keeps toolbar from showing
/Manager - Shows Village Manager, instead of toolbar
/Mount:[img] - Mounts ISO/image to first available virtual device (Gizmo Drive)
/Unmount:[dev] - Unmount from specified device (Gizmo Drive)
/ShowDevices - Display virtual devices (Gizmo Drive)
/Sync:[Package] - Synchronizes specified package (Gizmo Synchronization)
/HashDigest:[file] - Shows hashes for a file (Gizmo Hasher)

2. I totally agree with you here. Thanks for the suggestions.

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I have some suggestions for it
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