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Doesn't see non-Gizmo created iso files
Jim Hawley

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Ok, I feel pretty stupid. On the other hand, I have searched the limited help and can't find anything even remotely related.
My problem is about as basic as it can get. I have downloaded the latest ubuntu iso file and want to mount it with Gizmo drive manager. I put the file into the Gizmo images directory but when I run drive manager it does not appear in the library.
I have looked through the help system, I have tried all the obvious menu possiblities (file, etc) and can not find anything that helps.
So........ how the heck do you get Gizmo to use an iso file that it didn't create itself?
Very, very frustrated.
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Logan Mueller

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You can right-click the file in Windows Explorer and select Mount from the context menu, or click the Mount Image button at the top of the Virtual Drives screen, then browse to the file.

You can also right click the tray icon and select Mount Image from the Virtual Drive sub-menu to do the same.

The ISO file does not need to reside in the images directory. It can exist in other directories, too (or on a file share). When you are done, simply right-click the drive in Windows Explorer and select Unmount, or do the same from Gizmo Manager.

The images will not show up in the library until they've been mounted at least once.

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Doesn't see non-Gizmo created iso files
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