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Extremely slow start when on batteries

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I really dig the Pocket Diary, with its simplicity and great functionality.

Although I have one problem. When I start, and run the program on my laptop when it's on batteries, the program is extremely slow. I'm talking about a minute or more for me to reach the point where I can "Write" an entry.

I have a Pentium Centrino 1,7Ghz processor and starting "heavy" programs like PhotoShop, Flash MX etc. goes a lot faster. Do you think it's a problem with the program or with my computer configurations? Does anyone else have this problem?

I'm only using the shareware version of Pocket Diary, but if this problem is fixed I'd buy the program on the spot.

Also, I'd like to ask something about licensing. I've read about a possible 2.0 of the program with major updates. Will the update (and other updates) be free for the ones who purchased an earlier version?

Now that I'm warmed up I can just as well ask if Pocket Diary will work on the new PalmOne LifeDrive?

Thanks in advance for answers and for a superb application.

/Dan-Martin (from Sweden, hence any grammatical errors. Puh!)
Extremely slow start when on batteries
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