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Update posted for Palm OS version!
Logan Mueller

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Hello everyone,

Something new for the Pocket Diary web site: an updated version of the Palm OS version of Pocket Diary has been posted in the "download" area.

This is *not* the PocketPC version, and unfortunately, Pocket Diary v1.4 has not been released yet either. The updated Palm OS version fixes the "MemoryMgr.c,line:4365" error that some people were getting when clicking the "Write" button.

To install this version, you must delete the old "pdiary.prc" program off your handheld first. (If you haven't already done so) Schedule the new "pdiary.prc" file to be uploaded on your next HotSync using Instapp.exe.

For those who were confused about the PalmOS version not syncing BOTH ways, or for those who think there is a bug with the Palm OS version because it is only uploading entries to the PC Version: I'm sorry to say, but this is not a bug. For v1.0, this behavior is by design. (And was properly noted in the documentation)

In a future version, I would like to find a good way to implement two way syncing with the PalmOS version, just to make everyone happier. But for the first version (written when Palm OS v3.5 was new) it didn't seem possible without losing font styles, embedded objects, etc. PalmOS isn't capable of handling the same types of objects the PC version does, obviously. In the PalmOS conduit, the only downloading that it currently does is the booklet titles. (Not the entries themselves) And I apologize if people misunderstood this. But may I remind some people (who seem very angry about this) that Pocket Diary *is* Shareware. You are entitled to use and evaluate the software first before paying for it. This is great, for those select few people who feel "scammed?" Please reconsider your position. I say that respectfully, because with Shareware, you have the opportunity to actually see and experience the limitations of the software before deciding on where you'd like to purchase it or not. ..Right? Confused

Getting back on track.. I'd like to thank everyone who submitted their bug reports which helped me nail down this particular bug..

..and everyone else for their patience,
Pocket Diary Author

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Palm os 5 update

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thanks it works great...
Update posted for Palm OS version!
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