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Desktop Pocket Diary files & the Pocket PC version

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I recently discovered Pocket Diary due to it being featured in ZDNet AnchorDesk MobileTech Edition (July 14, 2004). I have since downloaded the trial version and installed it on my office XP system. This is a solid, useful program! I am assesing its use as a field work notebook for the biology research I carry out. The ability to drop in JPG image files and spreadsheets along with text is a key advantage in this regard, as is the ability to have booklets devoted to different projects.

In light of these features, how many of them will be supported when the Pocket PC version appears? Will booklets created on a desktop PC be FULLY usable on a PPC running Pocket Diary? I know that adding images and so forth can make booklets somewhat large, though by storing files on a storage card in a PPC, taking them along as is would seem to be do-able. In any case, I look forward to your answers.


PS: Do you have a need for more beta testers for the PPC version? If so, I'd be interested in getting involved. I have been involved in beta testing before, since I can put things to work in a data-intensive, scientific research setting.
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Hi spiderprof,

Thank you for your interest in Pocket Diary. Development has been going really slow lately, I'd like to say though that things will be picking up again.

To answer your questions: the PocketPC version is very limited when it comes to manipulating embedded objects. In fact, the first version does not support even images. With time, however, I would like to expand on these capabilities, if time permits.

Testing for the PocketPC version will continue shortly, hopefully. I've since solved a major problem that was discovered with the ActiveSync provider. But there is still a pretty large dilemma with syncing between the PC version and PocketPC version..

I would like to release v1.4 very soon. And that will definitely be done once all the major problems have been ironed out. (Thanks to the testers for finding them) Smile

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Desktop Pocket Diary files & the Pocket PC version
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